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Energy is the central environmental issue - and it is a lens through which all the others can be viewed.

Since Feb 2010 I have had a part-time job tutoring for the Open University, initally on the module Energy for a sustainable future. It was a highly inter-disciplinary course which covered scientific, technical, economic, (and even some psychological) aspects of:

  • Conventional generating systems
  • Renewable systems
  • Transport energy
  • Building

I tutored 3 presentations of energy for a sustainable future which has recently been updated by the modules energy and sustainability (for which I authored some of the auxiliary study materials) and Renewable energy.

oblique reference to elementary energy physics

small pelton wheel - type of hydro turbine

Some Links

My energy notebook a 'blogoid' which I kept from November 2007 to July 2009

Some material from energy for a sustainable future

CAT Centre for Alternative Technology

UKERC UK Energy Research Centre

EERU The OU's Energy and Environment Research Unit

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