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Green cv

'Proper' jobs

  • Feb 2010 - ongoing. Open University, part-time tutor on energy modules.

  • Jan 2001 - June 2002. The Green Party Membership Manager Jointly responsible for running the administration of National Office.

nice electricity pylon

nice bike symbol on a pavement


  • Sept 2011 - Feb 2012 Centre for Alternative Technology, information department

  • May - Jul 2006 Friends of the Earth Media & Communications volunteer

  • Aug 2005 Transport 2000 Communication volunteer

  • 2005. Contributed to the discussion report Painting the town green.

Walking the talk?

Serious, large scale change can only be systemic. Although this implies that the 'best' things any individual can do are political, agitatory, and campaignistic, there are reasons why one's own personal behaviour does matter. Having laid that on the line, I am now obliged to reveal that (inter alia):

  • So far as I can estimate it, my personal carbon footprint is approximately half that of the UK average. Most of this is because I don't drive or fly and I live within walking/cycling distance of most of the things I need to get to.

  • This transport-light situation suits me temperamentally - and it was largely arrived at by accident not conscious effort. But once I try to experiment with other aspects of consumption and lifestyle it gets much, much harder.

  • I rent my flat, so (sadly) I am unable to muck about with ground source heat-pumps or super-insulation. Of course I do the usual 'lights and woolly jumpers' stuff and I also own less than the typical amount of gadgets and domestic kit.

  • For example, I did not replace my fridge when the old one expired - purely as an experiment you understand, I'm really not suggesting this makes me anything other than an eco-geek.

  • The example of the fridge leads on to the question of food - every bit as knotty as transport, and perhaps even harder to change on the personal level. I've made some conscious changes in what and the way I eat, but I've not really gone much beyond the basic awareness of why this is an important issue.

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