Lifelog: gardening* update

*NB it’s not really what I’d called gardening, as such. It’s more a sort of ongoing garden-themed science project.

This is how hot it was earlier in the year: I germinated some chillis in February and put them out in the garden at the end of May. They flowered and fruited and some of the fruit actually ripened:

Chillis resultAll over now though. Here are some wet tomatoes (tomatoes have not done as well as previous year, due to changing what worked – a lesson there, I think):

wet tomatoes 2And here’s a nice hoverfly on a dandelion:

excellent dandelion


Lifelog: blast from an arty past

Still got my portfolio, though I can’t imagine I’ll ever tout for business as a cartoonist again. I’d forgotten this one – not my normal style but was mucking about with some new pens iirc.drummer 2My normal style was more this sort of this thing:Bass guitarist 2(I drew lots of musicians because I played in lots of bands)


(Don’t know what that tree is all about …)



Keep meaning to put this one on a t-shirt …

(this happens to anyone, no matter the genre, who plays pub gigs)

(this happens to anyone, no matter the genre, who plays pub gigs)


Lifelog: veg box failure

My aim is to eat everything that appears in the box (apart from the occasional caterpillar) – give everything a fair tasting and attempt to overcome existing vegetable prejudice (veg-prej). I have sucessfully made my peace with red cabbage, brussel sprouts and chillie peppers (a rather unstable peace that last one, but still …).

I admit defeat with the fennel bulbs they keep sending me this year (must have been a good year for fennel, I suppose). I have tried several times, over the years, to like, or at least tolerate, aniseed-liquorish flavour (I once bought a bottle of pernod because I thought it would be cool stuff to drink) but there seems to be no softening in my tastebuds. It’s just yuk.