Lifelog: more ancient artstuff

All a Very Long Time Ago, but might as well put some of it out in public rather than leave it stuck in my portfolio. You can see how long ago it was from some of the clothing and detail.

serious professional

Early nineties professional female power-dressing, much calmed down from the earlier eighties shoulder-padded agressivity.

Fottball kit hasn't looked like this since ...

Football kit hasn’t looked like this since …

And there really was a time when computers were this tiny:

workers coops camden(This one was for Camden Council, illustrating “grants for workers’ co-ops”. My editor tried to persuade me to make the computer user a woman – then as now, programming was blokey and they wanted to actively counteract stereotypes. But if I’d done that, then she’d have just looked like a secretary. Tricky business, this stereotype-defying).


The hair gives these two away as having been drawn from life in end-eighties/early nineties. Fashion laggardly blokes, still sporting half-hearted attempts at eighties Big Hair.

and look at these two are – he’s reading an actual, physical newspaper, she’s reading a book, not an e-book – in public. How often do you see that now?



Lifelog: blast from an arty past

Still got my portfolio, though I can’t imagine I’ll ever tout for business as a cartoonist again. I’d forgotten this one – not my normal style but was mucking about with some new pens iirc.drummer 2My normal style was more this sort of this thing:Bass guitarist 2(I drew lots of musicians because I played in lots of bands)


(Don’t know what that tree is all about …)



Keep meaning to put this one on a t-shirt …

(this happens to anyone, no matter the genre, who plays pub gigs)

(this happens to anyone, no matter the genre, who plays pub gigs)