Defiance hurled in Montpelier

“Their banners all, on outer wall, they fearlessly unfurl”

Today was to be leaving-the-EU-day, but I had managed to sucessfully banish this from my mind. A million miles from this serious politcal stuff, I was walking up my street with the above words running through my head. It’s a line from Princess Ida, one of the lesser-known Gilbert and Sullivan operas. And what did I see but an actual unfurled banner:

Princess Ida is particularly saient for me at the moment because I seem to have got myself involved in a production of it.

Yes, add that to the list of Brexit evils: it’s driven me to light opera.


The whole leaving-the EU-thing. Not only can I personally do nothing about the whole sorry mess unfolding daily, but I don’t even know what to be hoping for. There is no “good outcome”. The last two years have ripped off the surface to reveal that something in society has started to quietly rot. Now that we have seen it, it can’t just be patched over.

Therefore I ended up spending the last year thinking about entirely other matters … and which, in order to justify keeping a domain name, I’ll now start writing about.