The whole leaving-the EU-thing. Not only can I personally do nothing about the whole sorry mess unfolding daily, but I don’t even know what to be hoping for. There is no “good outcome”. The last two years have ripped off the surface to reveal that something in society has started to quietly rot. Now that we have seen it, it can’t just be patched over.

Therefore I ended up spending the last year thinking about entirely other matters … and which, in order to justify keeping a domain name, I’ll now start writing about.

Lifelog: gardening* update

*NB it’s not really what I’d called gardening, as such. It’s more a sort of ongoing garden-themed science project.

This is how hot it was earlier in the year: I germinated some chillis in February and put them out in the garden at the end of May. They flowered and fruited and some of the fruit actually ripened:

Chillis resultAll over now though. Here are some wet tomatoes (tomatoes have not done as well as previous year, due to changing what worked – a lesson there, I think):

wet tomatoes 2And here’s a nice hoverfly on a dandelion:

excellent dandelion


Lifelog: blast from an arty past

Still got my portfolio, though I can’t imagine I’ll ever tout for business as a cartoonist again. I’d forgotten this one – not my normal style but was mucking about with some new pens iirc.drummer 2My normal style was more this sort of this thing:Bass guitarist 2(I drew lots of musicians because I played in lots of bands)


(Don’t know what that tree is all about …)



Keep meaning to put this one on a t-shirt …

(this happens to anyone, no matter the genre, who plays pub gigs)

(this happens to anyone, no matter the genre, who plays pub gigs)