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  • 1977-80 BA(hons) Philosophy/Experimental Psychology. Cambridge University

  • 1980-83 Postgraduate Diploma in Law (followed by Bar Finals) City University, Inns of Court School of Law

  • 1999-2001 DipHE Music performance. London College of Music & Media

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Open University Modules

  • 2002
    S190 Short course: Global Warming

  • 2003 (Certificate in Natural Sciences)
    S103 Discovering Science

  • 2004
    MST121 Using Mathematics
    SXR103 Practicing Science

  • 2006-07 (Diploma in Physical Science)
    S207 The Physical World
    SXR207 Physics by Experiment
    T206 Energy for a sustainable future

  • 2010
    S276 Geology

  • 2012
    M248 Analysing data


  • revision and updating of undergrad psychology
  • general overview of 'green issues' e.g.
    • sustainability and justice
    • review of recently published work on 'soft factors' and communication
    • transport

  • I have also been very interested in general matters relating to anomalistic psychology and the mechanisms of persuasion and deception. (see my writing page).

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