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My day job

  • Since the start of the noughties I have worked as a contract admin/IT person in the charitable and higher education sector and I have been doing this.

  • Since January 2007 I have worked continuously for Bristol University in a variety of roles. My longest was in the Mechanical Engineering Department, where I was deputy to both the department manager and the admissions tutor - I have survived 3 UCAS cycles! I currently do regular work in the admissions and exams areas.

  • I don't mind describing myself as a temp - I've made it work for me and that shows I'm self-directed, organised, flexible and all the other stuff that looks good on a cv.
    Window in my office at the Courtauld Institute - the last place I worked in London

    Places I've worked 2000-2006

    The Courtauld Institute
    Looked after the membership and fundraising database when a staff member deaprted at two days notice.

    The Royal Anthropological Institute
    "Office Manager and Director's PA" no less! Loads of interesting stuff to read in the office. Anthropologists themselves seem to be a shy forest tribe - which is a great pity because they have a very valuable perspective on our society. Even my brief acquaintance with them has made me see the world a bit differently.

    Edexcel (the infamous exam board)
    No, I don't think A levels have been dumbed down. Well not exactly. Everyone genuinely studies much harder these days, but I'm not sure the end result is that much better. What's that? Oh yes, don't believe what you read in the press about Edexcel.

    National Autistic Society
    A few NAS staff members are on the autistic spectrum themselves - interesting to say the least.

    I was only there for a few weeks - but it was during G8 and the children's parliament. They were unaware of the implications of casual air travel, but I never quite figured out how to talk to them about it.

    The Green Party
    I did their membership admin and learned some realities about politics. Don't knock it - it has to exist.

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